The Mercer Wisconsin area offers a variety of hunting opportunities -- from the big game of white-tailed deer and black bear to the smaller game and waterfowl.


Mercer Wisconsin is recognized as one of the premier deer hunting areas in the nation as Merceer is home to a thriving deer herd. Wildlife habitat changes during the past century due to farming, logging, and urban expansion have led to the evolution of new method for managing our deer populations in an attempt to control their numbers under a wide array of habitats and social conditions. Leading to some of the best hunting in North America.


Ruffed grouse are one of the most popular upland game birds to hunt. Ruffed grouse are most commonly known for their distinctive ‘drumming’ noise produced by males during the spring breeding season. Male grouse will display on drumming logs, rapidly beating their wings with the intention of attracting a female grouse.

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